Breedersgroups year 2006!

Thanks to the owners of these StrandWiksdogs who made this possible;
Inger Ohlson with SCh NCh StrandWiks Xandra 
Anders Hulth with SCh NCh StrandWiks Real Sugar 

We only showned 1 time in the groupfinale year 2006!

Västerås SKK National Show April 22, 2006
Judge: Miklos Levente, Hungary

Best breedersgroup 1 (of 2)

© 2006 foto: Jessica Wikstrand

SE UCH StrandWiks Zappa & Monica R Wikstrand
SE UCH, NO CH StrandWiks Xandra & Inger Ohlson
SE UCH, NO CH StrandWiks Real Sugar & Anders Hulth
 StrandWiks Gwyneth & Michael Wikstrand