StrandWiks Breedersgroups year 2005!

Thanks to the owners of these StrandWiksdogs who made this possible;

Anders Hulth & Tomas Nordkvist with SE UCH NO CH StrandWiks Real Sugar
Camilla & Robert Brånn with StrandWiks Victor
Maria Wedin with NO CH, DK DK CH StrandWiks Vicki
Fam Sundström with StrandWiks Xara
Camilla Hedlund with StrandWiks Cayenne

Västerås Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) National show April 24, 2005
Judge: Annette Bystrup, Denmark

StrandWiks won the best Havanesebreedersgroup (of 2)

© photo: Jessica Wikstrand
StrandWiks Zappa & Monica R Wikstrand, StrandWiks Victor & Camilla Brånn,
NO CH, DK CH StrandWiks Vicki & Maria Wedin, SE UCH StrandWiks Real Sugar & Anders Hulth

Swedish KennelClub's National show at Alfta July 10, 2005 
Judge:  David Doane, USA

StrandWiks Best breedersgroup (of 2) 

~Shows wonderful consistency of type & size!~

© photo: Lillian Sundström
StrandWiks Zappa & Monica R Wikstrand,  StrandWiks Cayenne & Camilla Hedlund, 
StrandWiks Xara & Frida Sundström & StrandWiks Bethany & Michael Wikstrand

SKK's International Show at Västerås JULY 23, 2005
Judge: Nina Karlsdotter
BEST BREEDERSGROUP of Havanese (of 3): StrandWiks

© photo: Michael Wikstrand
StrandWiks Zappa; owner Monica R W, StrandWiks Cayenne; owner Camilla Hedlund,
NORDUCH StrandWiks Vicki; owner Maria Wedin & SE UCH NO CH StrandWiks Real Sugar; owner Anders Hult