SE UCH NO UCH StrandWiks Estrella

"STELLA" 9 years old

Sire: MultiCh Voila Gentle
Dam: SCh NV-94 NCh Invibe's Betty Boope

1995 - 2009

PL-tested 0/0
Eyes checked clear last time: April 16, 2004
Heart checked every year OK.

Swedens most winning havanese Veteran 2004!

BIS-Veteran at Swedens havaneseclub (BBHC) Official show August 7, 2004.

Our precious Stella has left us, she is now a star in heaven!

BBHC=Bichon Bolognese & Havanais Club

Stella did a career in the showring. Showed at 7 shows with
7 CAC & 3 BOB & 3 BOS & BIG-3 & BIG-4 & 1 Best female -2.
All these shows before her 2 years day, (1½ years old).
Swedish Champion at 15 months and Norwegian Champion at 16 months old.


"Stella" with her handler, owner and breeder Monica year 1996

YEAR 2004
Now at the age of 9, Stella is entering and taking over the showring !
And every judge just love her!!!


BIS-Veteran at BBHC's:
 Official and annual Show for Bolognese & Havaneser

She loves the walks in the woods, (9 years old)

11 years old

International SKK show in Västerås July 18, 2004 (11 females)
Judge: Glenwyn Dymock

Best female-2 och BOB-veteran

9 years old bitch of nice quality. Good headproportions. Pigment could be darker.
Good topline. Silky coat. Active mover. Looks good for her age.

Nationell SKK utställning Alfta 2004-07-10
(6 females)
Judge: Kirsti Lummelampi 

BOB & BOB-veteran 

Much typical havanese with lovely proportions. Excellent head and expression. 
Nice topline. Typical movements. Still very good coatquality in the age of 9. 

photo: fam Sundström

National SKK show in Vänersborg June 12, 2004
Judge: Ove Germundsson 

Best female-2 & BOB-veteran 

9-years female shows in topcondition. 
Breedimportant details on the right place. 
Could be more ..... in front. Excellent coat. 
Honor to the owner who keep her in such nice condition!


Västerås April 24, Swedish Kennel Club Show= SKK
Best female-2 & BOB-veteran

Best female-2 and BIS-2 VETERAN, April 3, 2004
photo: Shakatak!

judge: Bo Lasthein-Andersen

Best female-3, BOB-Veteran, BIS 2-veteran 

9 years old