StrandWiks P-litter born March 5, 2009

Sire: Kebic's Valter
Dam: StrandWiks Gwyneth

2 males & 1 female

Pixar - white/sable male AKA ALFONS, eyes checked: Y-seemscataract - so he will not be used in breeding!

Pixel - white/black male AKA POPPIS
Pixie - white/black female AKA ALICE

(Hane=Male , Tik=Female)

Hane= Male
Tik= Female

Photo's is taken March 22;

Male, female and male.

5-6 Weeks old


7 Weeks old;

Alfons is now owned by the fosterfamily, 
The Åberg family, you can see more here.

8 veckor

StrandWiks Pixar AKA ALFONS


7 weeks

StrandWiks Pixie AKA ALICE

8 weeks

POPPIS StrandWiks Pixel

7 weeks

8 weeks

StrandWiks Pixel, AKA POPPIS