Our family. Great companions. A big part of our life. The happiness to us:-)
Earlier owned/retired dogs

StrandWiks Clara "Caddie" Our new edition!

StrandWiks Zšta "SIGGE"
StrandWiks Zia "ZIA"

StrandWiks Bono "ENZO"
StrandWiks Beyoncť "YONCE"

StrandWiks Wilmer "WILMER"

Kebic's Odalia "STINA"
Dolce Havana Empress Emilia "MAJA"

Holmsaasens Incredible Red Winner "JOY" 
Joy have a new owner because she had a serious eyesickness so she can't be used in breeding.
So we gave Joy to ur good friend Anita and Eilert.


StrandWiks Yasmine, "AGNES"   RIP! The fosterfamiliy killed her !