StrandWiks K-litter born September 15, 2007.

Dam: StrandWiks Bethany

Sire: SCh StrandWiks Zappa

Here is some lovely photo's of our K-puppies!!!

They are so cute!

8 weeks

KASPER (1) "KASPER" lives with the Andersson family.

KENO (2) Stays @ StrandWiks. "ROCKY" lives with his fosterfamily Trulsson in Karlskoga.

KOTTON (3) "MALTE" has moved to Carina & Mikael in Kristinehamn

KITTY (4) Beautiful Molly has moved to Birgitta & Melinda in Västerås!

KASTOR (5) "Rusken" has moved to Bengt & Maya in Norway

KONRAD (6) "TINO" has moved to Thor & Elisabeth in Sveg.

Father Zappa is visiting his babies!

Father of the litter -Zappa, is watching his babies.

Betty is taking good care of her little babies.
1 female & 5 males, beautiful puppies!!
3 weeks old now,

Male, puppy 1

Male, puppy 2

Male, puppy 3

Female, puppy 4


Male, puppy 5

Male, puppy 6

He was born with black nose!