Mucho Bravo Brown Sugar Bellamy

has moved to Helena and her family

SIRE: NJK/Youth Ch, DutchCH. Amador von den Herzileins
DAM: Mucho Bravo Poe Poe Pidoe

Born: 2009-02-12

Breeder: Mirabell & René Woudman, Mucho Bravo Netherland

Owner: Monica & Michael Wikstrand, StrandWiks

Denzel is our 3'd dog we import from Netherland.


Eyes checked clear:
February 16, 2010
May 20, 2011
May 24, 2012
June 27, 2013
March 9, 2015


Heart checked clear:


Denzels first puppies were born at StrandWiks:

StrandWiks S-litter was born April 24, 2010.
StrandWiks T-litter was born May 29, 2010

StrandWiks U-litter born May 28, 2012


Here you can see photo's of Denzels puppies at other breeders!

Denzel's puppies:
Dolce Havana B-litter was born in Norway 2010.
Kebic's K-litter born 2010.
Facklans L-litter born 2011.
Chandaroffs O-litter born 2012.
Porto Lions K-litter born 2013.


The premiere of Denzel and Monica at the SDHK-show in Forshaga April Judge Helle Dan Pålsson + A trainee.

A bit leggy and airy young male. Masculine head.
Good expression o bite. Excellent neck. A little straight shoulder.
 Need to develop in the chest. Strong back. Some far lendparti. Well set tail. Well angulated rear. Moves freely. Some loose elbow.
Good coat and temperament.
Denzel is a junior male, he is only 14 months, far from complete adult. But I'm happy at the 2nd price, we don't expected more today because we there for showtraining today and it was premier for Denzel & Me :-)





3 years


3 years


Denzels first days at StrandWiks!

Look at his deep redbrown colour, it's lovely!

5 months;

Denzel @ 5 months

Denzel got a new bed.

Jessie training with Denzel. Jessie is use to have a lot of bigger dogs...

6 months;

Johanna have som training of obedience Denzel och Qenzo.
Johanna has taken classes to learn how to do: both obedience and agility.

Our sweet "little" boy!


Julia & Denzel october 2009.

His favourite position! See the redbrown colour of him!

November 2009

Soon 1 year old

Our beautiful boy, Denzel!

March 15, 2010

Denzels favoritposition